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Help Us Help You—Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

Fire Hydrant Shoveled
Adopt a Hydrant
  • If a fire hydrant is lost or buried in a snow bank, firefighters can lose valuable time trying to locate it and dig it out.
  • Residents and building owners are performing a valuable public service by taking the responsibility for shoveling out and clearing any fire hydrants near their homes. 
  • Know the location of all fire hydrants in your neighborhood.
  • Remember, fire hydrants can become inoperable in freezing weather.  
  • Clear away any snow and ice in a 3 foot area surrounding these fire hydrants to allow easy access to the fire hydrant by fire personnel and their equipment.
  • The fire department would also like to remind residents to look out for their elderly or handicap neighbors as well by taking a few extra minutes to help shovel out their hydrants as well.

Annual Report


Please take the opportunity to view our department's 2014-2015 Annual Report