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Help Us Help You—Keep Fire Hydrants Clear

With winter upon us, the City of Brookfield Fire Department would like to remind residents and property owners that a clearly visible, accessible fire hydrant prevents valuable property loss and more importantly—saves lives. If a fire hydrant is buried underneath snow and ice, firefighters lose critical time locating and digging it out. Residents and property owners are performing an essential public service by clearing away any snow and ice on and around fire hydrants near their homes and businesses. 

With more snow surely on its way, we suggest the following guidelines:
  • Remember, fire hydrants can become inoperable in freezing temperatures and the closest hydrant may not be operable during a fire. Know the location of all fire hydrants near your home and business and ensure that all are clearly visible and accessible.
  • Clear away any snow and ice three feet in every direction around the fire hydrant to allow for easy access and room for firefighting equipment. 
  • Work with your neighbors to ensure that all fire hydrants are properly cleared of snow and ice, and offer a helping hand to the elderly and handicapped in your neighborhood with their hydrants. 
  • Please take some time after each snowfall to provide vital assistance to your fire department and its mission to provide exceptional fire protection. Your dedication to our community is greatly appreciated! 

Annual Report

Please take the opportunity to view our department's 2014-2015 Annual Report

Smoke Detectors and CO Detectors 

Did you know that the City of Brookfield Fire Department will come to your home and install Smoke and CO Detectors for you for free? There are a limited number of Smoke and CO Detectors available, however, so we ask the following qualifications to be met in order to receive a Smoke Detector and/or CO Detector:
  • Non-renter Resident of the City of Brookfield
  • Low income or unable to obtain an alarm
  • Physically challenged
  • Senior with a fixed income
Please contact us if you also have any questions, would like any more information on our Smoke and CO Detectors Program, or if you qualify, then call the City of Brookfield Fire Department at (262) 782-8932 and schedule your installation today!