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What Does My City Tax Bill Pay For
Where Do My City Tax Dollars Go?

About 31% of your total property tax payment is used to pay for City-provided services. Costs shown are based on a $335,000 home, which was the approximate median assessed value of a Brookfield home for 2015. This home would pay $1,870 for its 2016 City services. 

City Services Received

Cost Per Year

Police Protection


Fire Protection


Public Works
(includes street maintenance, storm sewer maintenance, stormwater facilities, sanitary sewer capital charge from Milwaukee Metro Sewer District, pothole patching, street cleaning, snow removal, street painting, and engineering)


Parks and Recreation


General Government/ Administration
(includes Mayor, City Council, City Attorney, Assessor, Clerk, Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology)


Community Development
(includes Planning, Building Inspection, and Code Enforcement)


(solid waste and recycling collection and disposal)


Brookfield Public Library


Debt Service (majority used for Public Works projects)


(includes contingency, mosquito/deer control, and miscellaneous functions)


Total City of Brookfield Government Tax Bill ($335,000 assessed home)


Figures are based on department budgets and net property tax levy, as included in the 2016 Adopted City of Brookfield Budget.


How Do The Cost of These City Services Stack Up?

The following are the cost of common goods and services purchased by many households: 

Cable TV (digital service)


Cell Phone


Dinner for two "out" once per month


Large Starbucks coffee once per week


Daily newspaper subscription


Broadband (cable modem) internet service



On average, a Brookfield homeowner would spend more annually on cable television and broadband internet service than on the combined cost of police and fire protection, public works services, sanitation, community development, parks and recreation and the Brookfield Public Library.