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The Greenway Trail System is a comprehensive city-wide off-street system of recreational trails that connect existing and proposed parks together and link these sites with other community facilities and to the regional trail system.  Under the envisioned plan, which is available for review at the Parks, Recreation and Forestry office, the Greenway Trail System will be located within and adjacent to the primary environmental corridors in the City wherever possible and would also utilize railroad rights of  way in the future as feasible.


Development of the system was initiated in 2003 and is anticipated to continue for the next five+ years.  The funding for this major parkland initiative is generated through anticipated lease revenues from wireless communication companies who lease city property.  When implemented, the Greenway Trail System will become the centerpiece or connecting link of the City park and open space system and will provide additional recreational opportunities for residents to experience the natural heritage of the City.  The system will also connect neighborhoods in a new way which will provide safe routes for children and lead to expanded possibilities for community interaction.


The Parks and Recreation Commission continues to proceed with the phased implementation of the plan.  All of the proposed trail segments have been rated and prioritized in the plan and the Commission evaluates the prioritization construction schedule on an annual basis.  To date, approximately 11+ miles of off-road segments have been completed along the Beverly Hills, Civic Center, Deer Creek, Dousman, Rolling Meadows and Underwood Creek Trails. 


The Commission has also finalized a comprehensive sign system plan that includes trailhead stations, regulatory, directional, informational and educational signs and provides the framework to guide the City with the installation of signage on current and future Greenway Trail segments.   Signage has been installed and trailheads developed for the Beverly Hills Trail connecting Mitchell Park to Wirth Park,  the Underwood Creek, Civic Center, Deer Creek and Lilly Heights trails.  A Trail User Guide has also been developed which is available in a downloadable format from the City web site or as a pamphlet from the Parks and Recreation Office. 


Planned 2013 Trail Segment Construction

Deer Creek Trail
Approximatley 3,500 feet of off road asphalt trail just north of I-94 between Manor Court and Calhoun Road within Brookfield Manor and Ruby Parks.