Registration Information & Policies

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General Information and Policies


Residents are defined as those residing within and/or paying residential property taxes to the City of Brookfield. Residents are eligible to register for programs according to published registration dates one week before Non-Residents. 


Non-residents (those residing outside the City of Brookfield) are also eligible to participate in recreation programs. Non-residents register one week after the established resident registration date. Non-resident registrations will be accepted on a space available basis only.


Residents receive a 33% discount on all recreation programs.  Please note – the Non-resident fee will appear on the website. The resident discount will automatically be applied at checkout if the account belongs to a City of Brookfield resident.

Falsified Residency

If the Department finds falsified residency information / address, said family will be automatically removed from the program(s) and will forfeit all registration fees.  The household will be re-classified as a “Non-Resident” and eligible for future registrations as a Non-Resident.

Waiting Lists
There may be instances where the class or program that you desire is filled. Please be sure to have your name placed on a waiting list. The Department has been successful at accommodating those on waiting lists when facilities allow additional classes to be scheduled. Wait lists are now automated, watch for an email from Smart Rec for instructions on how to enroll in a class should a spot become available. In most cases, you will not receive a phone call. There is no fee to go on a waiting list.

The department reserves the right to cancel, postpone or combine a class or program.

Class changes may be made subject to class availability and approval of department staff prior to the starting date of the class. A request for a class change must be made in person at the office with the verifying receipt.

Persons registered for a program which is cancelled by the Department shall receive a full refund. Persons requesting a refund due to circumstances of illness, injury or moving shall receive a full refund. Refunds will be prorated from the start of the program (physician’s verification required). Persons requesting to cancel their registration for reasons other than listed above shall receive a refund or household credit less a $5.00 service charge, when request is in writing two (2) business days prior to the program start. No refunds will be issued after the class begins. You may email your request to Parks and Recreation Email

Age/Grade Requirement
When a class/program/league lists a minimum age or grade, your child must be that age, or within that grade, when the program begins. Contact the Parks, Recreation and Forestry office if you have any questions.

The City of Brookfield does not provide hospital/medical insurance coverage for people participating in sponsored activities and cannot assume responsibility for injury to any participants in its recreation programs. Participants are encouraged to obtain their own insurance coverage prior to the start of the program and to consult with a physician before participating in any physical activity.

Fee Waiver
It is the policy of the City that program participants help defray the overall costs of the activity through the assessment of fees and charges. However, the City does not wish to exclude Brookfield children who are unable to pay these fees due to unemployment of a parent, illness, or other hardships that might occur. Parents who feel they are unable to afford the fees for a program would contact the Recreation Office prior to registering for the activity. Further information can then be obtained for the Parks and Recreation Commission’s review and determination. Applicants must be City of Brookfield residents to be eligible for fee waiver consideration.

Photo Policy
On occasion, Department staff may take photos of participants enrolled in programs/classes, events or people engaged in activities in the parks. Please be aware that these photos are used for Department use only and may be used in future catalogs, brochures, pamphlets, flyers, social media or Web site.