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This year the Brookfield Senior Community Center celebrates two members embarking on milestone birthdays. In April Doris Graettinger will turn 100 years old! And this September Virginia Tretow celebrates 99 years! We caught up with both ladies and asked them what is so special about visiting the Brookfield Senior Community Center.

How long have you been visiting the Sr. Center?

Doris: Doris started attending our bus tour trips 10 years ago and today visits monthly to play Bingo. A lover of live music she also attends all the socials and special events that feature live entertainment.

Virginia: Virginia first came to the Sr. Center when it was located at our old location on North Ave because she wanted to participate in a Rosemaling (rose painting) class. Today, with the assistance of the Elmbrook Sr. Taxi, she attends frequently and is an active participant in the exercise class, Tai Chi, Bingo and is a regular for lunch.

Why do you like visiting?

Doris: “It’s great fun, I have many laughs with my friends here.”

Virginia: “There’s not a nicer place to be.” Her friends at the center agree and add that the kindness she shows to everyone keeps them coming back.

Curious about their lifetime of experience we asked: What has been your favorite decade?

Doris: “The decade I married my husband (1943).” Doris met Art on a blind date and at the time her soon to be husband was dating her best friend. In the end everything worked out, the friendship stayed intact and Doris and Art were married for 63 years.

Virginia: Virginia, enjoying the beauty of every moment happily replies; ‘Right now!”

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