Office and Industrial Parks

Home to more than 2,000 businesses, Brookfield possesses a thriving economy and commercial real estate market. With six million square feet of corporate office space and five million square feet of existing industrial space, Brookfield is well-positioned to accommodate business expansions and relocations. Click here to view a list of office, industrial, and commercial space available for purchase or lease in the Brookfield area.

Four of Brookfield's major office parks are located along Bluemound Road in the southern portion of the City. Three large office parks offer easy access to Interstate 94 and create an outstanding corporate image for their tenants. Five existing industrial parks are dispersed throughout the City. Light manufacturing and small service industries are predominate in these parks. All office and industrial parks are privately-owned and developed.

Brookfield Office Parks

Bishop’s Woods Office Park Bluemound Road and Sunny Slope Road

189 total acres; 21 buildings; 1,194,702 sq. ft. 

Brookfield Lakes Corporate Center Bluemound Road and Corporate Drive

159 total acres; 19 buildings; 1,031,858 sq. ft. 

Eastbrook Office Park North Avenue and 127th Street

4 buildings; 80,000 square feet 

Eastgate Business Center 13040-13100 West Lisbon Road

2 office buildings; 120,604 square feet

Executive Drive Office Park Bluemound Road and Executive Drive

115 total acres; 15 buildings; 1,128,344 sq. ft.


Glenwood Executive Center Capitol Drive and Pilgrim Road

Multiple buildings; 72,900 sq. ft.

Towne Centre Capitol Drive and Brookfield Road

Multiple buildings; 70,000 sq. ft. 

Fox River Business Center 19265-19435 West Capitol Drive

Five two-story buildings; 119,000 sq. ft. 

West Suburban Office Center 124th Street, north of North Avenue

4 buildings; 64,000 sq. ft. 

Wisconsin Avenue Office and Retail Center Bluemound Road and Calhoun Road

18 total acres; 5 buildings; 612,012 sq. ft.

Brookfield Industrial Parks
Brookfield Industrial Park Barker Road and Enterprise Avenue 

101 total acres; 27 buildings 

Gateway West Commerce Center Capitol Drive and Springdale Road

193 total acres; 23 buildings

Northeast Industrial Area Capitol Drive and North 124th Street

105 acres; 60 buildings

124th Commerce District North 124th Street and Burleigh Road 

162 acres; 20 buildings

Pheasant Drive Industrial District Calhoun Road and Pheasant Drive

52 acres; 7 buildings