Vision, Mission and Establishing Authority

The Brookfield Public Library is established under the authority of the Wisconsin Statues, Chapter 43. A nine-member Board of Trustees, appointed by the Mayor, governs the Library. The Brookfield Public Library is a contractual member of the Bridges Library System.

The library serves the needs of a broad spectrum of the community that includes: parents of young children, home-schoolers, youth through seniors, retired adults, book clubs, the homebound, civic organizations, newcomers, businesses, consumers, investors, independent study, job-seekers, students at all age levels, city officials and departments, educators and schools, and other libraries and communities.

Vision Statement

We support the vision and mission of the City of Brookfield by striving to provide the community with resources which meet their educational, informational, professional and recreational needs. The Library envisions a future where all individuals and families are lifelong learners.

Mission Statement

The Library is an essential community resource that seeks to preserve yesterday, inform today and inspire tomorrow.