Results are considered unofficial until the Board of Canvass has convened and reviewed the material. 

City of Brookfield Canvass
  • Mayor
  • Alderpersons
  • Municipal Judge
Waukesha County Canvass
  • Circuit Judges
  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • Court of Appeals Judges
  • County Supervisors
  • Congressional and Senate
  • Governor
  • President
School District Board of Canvass
  • School Board Officials and Members
  • School Referendums

Election Night Results (Live)

This information comes from the Waukesha County Clerk's Office. The information is sent from the voting tabulation machine to the County Clerk directly. These are Unofficial results from the evening of the Election. 

After the County completes its canvass, only State and County race results are displayed. 

City of Brookfield - Canvass Results

The certification of results for the City of Brookfield is posted in the link above. Generally speaking, these results are verified on the Friday after the election at the end of the day. They are posted the following week.