Ruby Isle Development Plan


On September 21, 1987, the Brookfield City Plan Commission adopted a comprehensive development plan for the “Ruby Isle Development Area.” This area includes the Ruby Isle Shopping Center, City Hall, Library, Post Office, and Brookfield Central High School. The purpose of this development plan is to establish a future pattern for the proper development of the Ruby Isle Area. This plan will be used as a guide for the construction of new buildings in the area, the proposed renovation of the Ruby isle Shopping Center, improvements in the Brookfield City Hall area and other improvements.
Civic Center Ruby Isle Development Plan

The Plan was amended on April 20, 1999 to expand the commercial land use at the northwest corner of North Avenue and Calhoun Road and on November 2, 1999 to modify the density recommended for the multiple family residential land use identified for the east and west side of Norhardt Drive. The following map reflects those changes:
2001 Development Plan Update Map