Brookfield Road & Capitol Drive Neighborhood

Brookfield Road and Capitol Drive Neighborhood Plan Update - 2022 in progress

Summary Project Scope

The Brookfield and Capitol Drive neighborhood plan update will involve a detailed investigation into the progress, achievement, change, and issues of the node since adopting the 1999 Neighborhood plan. The planning effort will use findings to direct revision in the neighborhood plan and identify new opportunities for continued vitality in the area. This plan update will address any elements of the current plan that have not been achieved and recommend alternatives or revisions that are warranted from the new information gathered. The Department of Community Development is managing the effort and coordinating input from other City Departments, the Plan Commission, Common Council, property owners, and other stakeholders for a consensus-based planning approach. The end goal of this planning effort is the adoption of a revised neighborhood plan that continues to promote the original concepts developed for the node with minor updates, adjustments, and recommendations that support the existing and future commercial and residential uses where warranted. Additionally, this neighborhood plan update will support the recommendations found in Brookfield's 2050 Comprehensive Plan, Capitol Drive Corridor Study, and other relevant past plans. Below you will find information related to the original 1999 Brookfield Road and Capitol Drive Neighborhood Plan. Regular updates will be made to this page on upcoming meetings, documents, and other information related to the efforts of the neighborhood plan update. Review this page to stay informed as the project progresses. If you have any questions or comments about the neighborhood plan update, please contact the Department of Community Development by phone at 262-796-6695 or email.

Neighborhood Information Meeting #2-September 28, 2022

Neighborhood Information Meeting #1-Neighborhood Plan Kickoff-May 2022

Presentation Deck NIM #1

Background Information, Research, and Supporting Documents

Phase 1 Resident Feedback

Broker Survey Analysis

Local Market Research

A Neighborhood Plan for the Brookfield Road and Capitol Drive Node - June 1999

Executive Summary

The Neighborhood Plan for the Brookfield Road/Capitol Node is the City of Brookfield's first such neighborhood plan along the Capitol Drive corridor. The Plan recommends a preferred urban design solution that creates a clear and identifiable pattern of blocks and streets, buildings and spaces. The organization of these elements addresses the significant issues of access, traffic, stormwater, and overall identity of the node and reinforces the principals developed by the Capitol Drive Corridor Plan.

Whereas the plan illustrates specific building shapes and locations, the plan is not intended to be literally interpreted. It is intended to act as a guide for the City as development interests arise by property owners and other interested parties.

Summary of Preliminary Challenges for the Capitol Drive and Brookfield Road Targeted Intervention Area Identified in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan:

  • Develop a major high quality, pedestrian focused mixed-use development at the southwest quadrant of Brookfield and Capitol.
  • Create a loop road to as many quadrants as possible to facilitate traffic to move freely within the node, without burdening the Capitol/Brookfield intersection.
  • Orient larger buildings to Capitol Drive and smaller buildings to Brookfield Road.
  • Utilize the wetlands and environmental corridors as amenities for both private development and public use.
  • Develop multi-family housing as a transition from commercial development at the node and the neighborhood.
  • Create a coordinated stormwater management plan that addresses stormwater issues on a sub-regional basis.