Calhoun Road & Capitol Drive Neighborhood

The Capitol/Calhoun Node presents an opportunity to introduce streets and connections from the neighborhoods to the amenities on Capitol Drive. The parcels are relatively large and could benefit from subdivision by pathways, streets, and/or trails. For example, pedestrian and bike passages may be created from the ends of cul-de-sacs to the node - breaking down the size of parcel and barriers to access.

The node sits on a high point and provides views down Capitol Drive towards Milwaukee. Therefore, the future specific urban design recommendations for this node should Capitalize on the striking views to the east. Long vistas such as this are relatively scarce in the Milwaukee area. Open spaces, or gathering spaces within the node should be oriented to take advantage of this view.

Meeting Community Goals and Objectives The proposed Calhoun nodal plan meets the goals and objectives of the 2020 Master Plan by,

  • Creating a pedestrian-friendly environment with a mix of uses and services.
  • Introducing multifamily housing in proximity to services and public amenities
  • Providing a transition between commercial along Capitol Drive and the existing single-family housing neighborhoods with multifamily housing.
  • Integrating streets and pedestrian/bike paths between the neighborhoods and the amenities on Capitol Drive.
  • Capitalizing on the views of downtown Milwaukee.
  • Including public open spaces in each quadrant.
  • Including pedestrian connections to surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Integrating parking plazas with clear quadrant circulation.
  • Connecting the quadrants with an internal loop road.
  • Positively impact existing neighborhoods with high quality design and development and the inclusion of neighborhood amenities.

Summary of Preliminary Challenges for the Capitol Drive and Calhoun Road Area Identified in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan:

  • Take advantage of the views to the east by creating a significant public space at the high point of the site.
  • Assure pedestrian connections to all adjoining residential areas: utilize trail connection on western quadrants and easement connection to El Dorado Court in northeast quadrant.
  • Connect the three large quadrants with an internal loop road: use this road as a means of creating smaller blocks within the node.

Neighborhood Plan for Calhoun Rd. and Capitol Dr. Node Area Document

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