Moorland Road Plan

The Neighborhood Plan for the Moorland Road node is an outgrowth of the larger Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan process.

The intent of the Neighborhood Plan is to create a coordinated set of development guidelines for the node. The Neighborhood Plan largely incorporates existing zoning requirements, and addresses stormwater issues, traffic issues, pending development interests, and the various concerns and interests of property owners in the area. [This Plan] is not a ‘development proposal’ – it is an effort that is intended to guide private development such that the public interest is promoted and protected.

Summary of Preliminary Challenges for the Bluemound Road Targeted Intervention Area Identified in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan:
  • Address traffic issues by developing a grid of streets, including a parallel pair of east-west roadways, in the corridor and locating a new freeway interchange to I-94.
  • Accommodate expansion of Brookfield Square, selected office parks, and the redevelopment of other properties.
  • Seek locations for accessible multi-family housing sites.
  • Improve pedestrian access throughout the corridor and create pedestrian connections to environmental corridors to the north and south.
  • Protect the stability of existing single family neighborhoods adjacent to the Targeted Intervention Area.
  • Improve bus service in the corridor.
Recommended Land Uses Moorland - Recommended Land Uses
Rezoning Exhibit Moorland - Rezoning Exhibit