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Lilly Road and Capitol Drive Neighborhood Plan

Appendix A - Property Inventory

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Executive Summary – Statement from the 2020 Master Plan

The Targeted Intervention Area at Capitol/Lilly presents a different set of urban design challenges than those presented at either Capitol/Brookfield or Capitol/Calhoun. The parcels at Capitol/Lilly are short and narrow, thereby restricting their patterns and uses. Orientations to Capitol Drive will become critical due to the narrow existing lot dimensions, because it may not be possible to create “buffers” between the node properties and either Capitol or the residential areas. It is therefore recommended the emphasis be on integration and compatibility with the neighborhood - not its separation or isolation with traditional buffering.

The residential properties on the north side of Newell Street in the southwest quadrant are included in the node but their future uses and patterns are not defined in the Capitol Drive Corridor Plan. Redevelopment of this quadrant must acknowledge the frontage not only of Capitol but of Newell as well. Development of the north side of Newell must address the existing uses fronting on Newell’s south side. They should not be allowed to turn their backs to this neighborhood.

Lilly [Road] is the lowest volume cross arterial along Capitol Drive in Brookfield. Therefore, the possibilities exist to create a pedestrian connection across Lilly [Road], between developments.

Summary of Preliminary Challenges for the Capitol Drive and Lilly Road Targeted Intervention Area Identified in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan:

  • Set direction to the future issue of land use for the existing residential properties intermixed with other land uses included in the node.
  • Create a connection between the northwest and southwest quadrants.
  • Create compact, street-oriented development at the intersection of Capitol and Lilly.
  • Develop a strong relationship among developments on opposite sides of Lilly.
  • Establish the southern edge of development in the southeast quadrant with an east-west road between the node and the neighborhood.
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Recommended Land Uses
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