Brookfield Square Area Redevelopment Strategy


Status of the Brookfield Square/Executive Drive Redevelopment Strategy, Tax Increment District Number Three (TID #3).

What Has Happened

Tax Increment District #3: The City of Brookfield and Joint Review Board respectively adopted the TID #3 Project Plan in August and September 2004, which has helped finance public improvements within the Brookfield Square/Executive Drive Area to foster redevelopment.

The State of Wisconsin Department of Revenue certified the base value of TID #3 in February 2005. The TID #3 Project Plan recommended incorporating a formal set of design guidelines to the City Zoning Code regarding TID #3 within twelve months of District creation. A set of guidelines were accepted by the Plan Commission in 2005.

The Plan Commission and Common Council have approved a number of development projects that represent significant reinvestments in the TID #3.

Tax Incremental District #3 - 2009 Update (PDF)

The strategy for reinvestments in TID #3 generally have been guided by:
Brookfield Square Area Redevelopment Strategy (PDF)
Brookfield Square Area Redevelopment Strategy - Appendices (PDF)