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Mission Statement

The mission of the City of Brookfield Municipal Court is to impartially adjudicate traffic and ordinance cases such that the legal rights of individuals are safeguarded and public interest is protected.


The City of Brookfield Municipal Court meets Monday evenings at 5:30 PM for Initial Appearances and Pre-trial Conferences with the City Prosecutor. If you receive a municipal citation, the specific court date and time for you to appear is located on the top of the citation. You will be given the opportunity to discuss your case with the City Prosecutor on your court date and may be able to resolve your case at that time.

For individuals who do not resolve their case with the City Prosecutor, trials are conducted in the City of Brookfield Municipal Court on the first and third Thursdays of every month beginning at 5:30 PM. If your case is scheduled for a court trial, you will sign a stipulation and order at your Initial Appearance with a specific date and time for your municipal trial. Failure to appear for any scheduled court session without proper notice and approval by the court will result in a default judgment entered against you for the amount listed on the original citation.

What You Need To Do

Please read the citation carefully along with the instruction sheet given to you by the Police Officer at the scene of the alleged offense to get a better understanding of the process followed by the court. Further information regarding the court process will be given to you at your Initial Appearance/Pre-trial Conference. Please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below for additional information. You can also reach court staff with specific questions at the telephone numbers listed on this website.