Budget Document and Summary

2022 Budget – City of Brookfield (1)

(1) Please note that this represents the budget as originally adopted by the Common Council.  Amendments approved subsequent to adoption (in most cases, primarily affecting capital improvement projects) are not reflected in this document.


The City of Brookfield government has budgeted $49.6 million to pay for year 2022 General Fund expenses. The General Fund is the City’s primary operating fund. Activities such as police and fire protection, park maintenance, recreation, library, snow removal, street cleaning, and general administration are paid for from the City General Fund. Property taxes and non-property tax revenue are used to cover expenses from this fund. The following illustrates the major categories of expenses, view graph.

General Fund 2022-Expenditures Opens in new window

As shown in the following graph, property tax is the City’s largest source of revenue, making up 76% of total general fund revenues. The remaining non-property tax revenue comes from shared revenue from the State of Wisconsin, room taxes, user fees, licenses, permits, and fines, and investment income. The following illustrates the components of City revenues, view graph.

General Fund 2022 Opens in new window

Although certain activities and costs included in the General Fund are partially supported by user fees, the majority of operating costs are covered by property taxes. Property taxes also go to fund other purposes, primarily repayment of debt issued to pay for large capital costs (roads, stormwater, etc.). The Water and Wastewater Utilities are funded through utility charges - customers are charged on the utility bill according to usage. The following illustrates the breakdown of the 2022 total city budget by type of spending, view graph.

All Funds Expenditures

The total 2022 City budget, anticipating all spending, including general City operations, water and sewer utilities, ongoing capital costs (streets, stormwater, etc.), and payments on debt, is approximately $95.2 million.

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