City Debt Issuance and Bond Rating

On an annual basis, the City issues debt to finance capital projects, including streets, stormwater, water utility and sanitary sewer.  In connection with the City’s most recent borrowing in June 2023 for capital improvements, the City requested a rating from Moody’s Investors Service.  Moody’s assigned its second highest rating of Aa1 to the City’s debt.  The Moody’s opinion indicates the rating reflects the City’s sizable and affluent tax base, strong financial position supported by healthy reserves and liquidity, and a modest debt and pension burden.  A copy of the Moody’s credit opinion can be reviewed on Moody’s web site.  You will need to register on Moody’s web site to review the report.

The City of Brookfield is one of only twelve cities in the State of Wisconsin who currently receive the highest or second highest rating from Moody’s.

Copy of the most recent Official Borrowing Statement for the City of Brookfield.

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    Additional information regarding the City’s recent borrowings can be obtained from the Director of Finance at – (262) 782-9650 or via Email.