About Emergency Medical Services

Each Fire Station is staffed with a two-man firefighter/paramedic ambulance partnered with an engine company staffed with three firefighter/EMT's. This allows us to provide optimal care by sending an appropriate number of highly trained people to immediately solve the majority of medical problems.

Each Brookfield ambulance is capable of providing both basic and advanced paramedic care. Basic EMS addresses: minor injuries, non-critical complaints or lift assists. Advance Life Support (ALS) requires paramedics to be trained in: resuscitation, advanced airway control, defibrillation/pacing and ECG analysis, placement of an intravenous/intra osseous life lines and medication delivery. 

The CBFD strives to provide transport to the hospital of choice. However, the attending crew is often in a position to help the family make the best decision. Issues concerning hospital diversions or closings arise without warning. After an interview and assessment, the attending paramedics can frequently identify the likely causes; therefore transporting the patient to the hospital which best suits their needs.