Community Risk Reduction and Public Education


Community Risk Reduction and Public Education provides fire and life safety information, education and resources to the City of Brookfield residents through a wide array of programs, in order to educate our community on how to prevent and resolve fire and health related problems. The City of Brookfield Fire Department (CBFD) has one of the most comprehensive grade school education programs in the state. Our Survive Alive program serves more than 1200 school aged children each year.

Community Risk Reduction Officer

CBFD has a Community Risk Reduction Officer who works together with firefighters and paramedics to help teach the residents of Brookfield to make responsible health and safety choices. Whether it be through learning links on our website, in newsletters, or via face-to-face educational programming for businesses and schools, we strive to share important information and tools to help the community lead safer lives. Thanks for visiting the website! Continue learning more by using the links below:

Contact the Community Risk Reduction Officer for questions on current or suggested programming for your school or business.

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    Michelle Garcia

    Community Risk Reduction Officer

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