The City of Brookfield employs approximately 370 full and part-time employees in standard municipal occupations such as police officers, firefighters, librarians, equipment operators, programmers, and public administrators.

In addition, the City employs approximately 200 seasonal part-time employees, primarily in the area of parks and recreational programming. As a condition of employment, all City employees are subject to the Code of Ethics and other policies that can be accessed on the City’s website.

Certain non-represented titles within the City are covered under Civil Service or the Police and Fire Commission. What this means is that there are rules associated with the staffing of such positions and certain protections that must be afforded to the incumbents of these jobs. Staffing of these jobs must be through competitive and objective examination. Discipline of such employees must be for just cause.

The Human Resources Department works to ensure that the interests of all applicants and employees in such positions are properly respected and balanced with the needs of the City of Brookfield as an employer. View the City’s Civil Service system.