Staffing and Recruitment

On average, the City hires approximately thirty persons per year for regular, non-seasonal jobs. The positions recruited for run the full spectrum of municipal employment, from police officers to librarians, from office assistants to department heads. The nature of a particular recruitment effort is dictated by the level of position, whether the position is represented by a labor union, and whether the position is Civil Service. All City staffing systems are based on fair and objective criteria. There are no patronage jobs with the City of Brookfield.

We recognize that it can take a lot of work on the applicant’s part to secure a City of Brookfield job. Our staffing systems are designed to garner the best and brightest applicant pools while at the same time preserving our commitment to fairness and objectivity. We endeavor to make the selection process as relevant to the position vacancy as possible, with due attention to respecting the time and effort we ask of City job applicants.

If you are looking for a job, and would like to consider working for the City of Brookfield, please access Current Job Opportunities.