Police Reserve Unit

About the Brookfield Police Reserve Unit

The Brookfield Police Reserve Unit is comprised of citizen volunteers from the local community organized to assist the City of Brookfield Police Department in routine matters, emergencies, and crime prevention and safety concerns.

The primary goal of the Unit is to promote and support the Police Department and the community it serves.  The Reserve Unit provides another means of communication between the Police and the citizens of Brookfield.  

Although Police Reserves cannot take any direct police actions, they act as additional eyes and ears for the Department and call for sworn police officers when needed.

Services They Provide

The Brookfield Police Reserves assist with:

o    Security for Community Activities
o    Summer Events and Festivals
o    Traffic Direction
o    Holiday Patrols
o    Support the Crime Prevention Unit

The Reserves are an extension of the Police Department in the community.  Members of the Reserve Unit donate hundreds of hours of service to the Police Department and the community, and are an excellent example of what police/community partnerships can accomplish.

For more information, please call (262) 787-3612.