Resident Services and Information

Water and Sewer Services
Sanitary Sewer
The Engineering division prepares plans, specifications and contract documents for modifications to the existing infrastructure where necessary. The Sewer division is responsible for the maintenance and cleaning of the sewerage system and lift stations.

Water Mains
Currently City Water service is available to approximately 80% of the community; the remaining 20% are serviced by private wells. The City will be extending water service to all properties by 2035. Water main projects are assessed to abutting properties in two ways: 
  • per unit or front foot assessment, which pays for construction of the water main
  • a water service assessment, which pays for the construction of a water lateral from the water main to the property line, including all shut-off valves and valve boxes.

Current Water Rates 
Water Main Improvements Plan

Roadway Services
Curb and Gutter/Inlet Replacement
Maintenance or replacement of deteriorated curb and gutter or failed drainage structures within the curb and gutter is performed yearly based on funding allocations, resurfacing status and condition rating. Curb and gutter and storm inlets are inspected on a two-year basis, however, Engineering relies on the Highway division street sweeping crew and calls from citizens to document inlet failures. Citizens are urged to call the Engineering division if they see a failure with the curb and gutter system in their neighborhood.

Road Resurfacing
Streets are resurfaced based on age, deterioration rate, pavement structure and classification. Every year, the Engineering staff updates a five-year repaving program. The five year program considers both residential streets and main roadways under the City’s jurisdiction. At present, road projects are funded with a combination of annual budget allocations and borrowing. Historically the City has used special assessments for only a limited number of road-related projects. Current funding levels are established to resurface residential streets every 22 to 25 years on average.

City Paving Schedule

Epoxy Paving
Pavement markings are important for drivers to keep traffic flowing smoothly.  With harsh weather conditions and wear and tear on street, each year the City repaints a portion of the street.  This schedule varies each year.  You may contact staff to determine if your streets will be affected.
Storm Water and Sewer Services

Storm Sewer / Drainage Plans
The Engineering division designs storm sewer improvements. These projects usually involve new infrastructure or modifying the existing structure to minimize damage to land and personal property. Projects can be requested by public input and all projects are reviewed by the Board of Public Works. Storm sewers for new developments (residential and commercial) are reviewed and approved by the Engineering division. Requests for ditch enclosures (enclosing open ditches) are currently not being accepted.

Stormwater Management
The Engineering division adopted a City-wide Stormwater Management Ordinance and has completed storm water management plans for the city. The Engineering division also reviews grading and drainage plans for new and/or revitalized commercial sites for compliance with the policies developed in the Stormwater Management Guide. In addition, the Engineering division implements elements of the information and education program for the City’s NR 216 Stormwater Discharge Permit (also known as the MS4 permit) to educate the public about stormwater quality. The following are useful links to other sites that provide further information about stormwater quality and what you can do to improve our water.
Inspection and Survey Services
The Engineering division performs all mapping work and responds to questions regarding the mapping (plats, C.S.M.’s, easements, legal right of ways, utilities), new addresses and all changes of addresses. Copies of City maps are available for a small fee. A list of available maps and fees can be obtained through the Engineering division.

Public Works Inspection
The Public Works Inspection section is responsible for: inspecting roads, pathway, sanitary sewer, water main and storm sewer construction (that will become municipally owned and operated); recommending approval of utilities upon completion of a project; field testing subsoil conditions for the placement of curb and gutter, and ensuring that concrete and asphalt mixes meet the City’s specifications, and serve as a liaison between the contractor, developer and the City administrative staff.

Right of Way Permits
The Engineering division is responsible for administering street excavation permits for contractors and/or utility companies installing facilities within the street right of ways.

The Survey section is responsible for: collecting field data for City mapping, design and construction projects; maintaining and updating horizontal and vertical control throughout the City; establishing City easement locations and routes for future City utilities; and providing the public with section corner dossiers, City benchmarks and general survey requirements.  The City does NOT provide survey services to residents.  Surveys can be obtained through an independent survey consultant.
Miscellaneous Services
Pedestrian Paths (Sidewalks) and Bike Paths
The City has a long term plan to provide sidewalks/bike paths on both sides of all arterial roadways in Brookfield. A map showing the sidewalks and bike paths completed so far can be found by clicking on this MAP link.

How to Drive a Roundabout
 How Bicycles and Pedestrians Maneuver Within a Roundabout