Carpeting and Construction Debris

Recycling Guidelines

PLEASE NOTE: The City's Recycling Center DOES NOT accept Carpeting or Construction Debris. 

Carpeting and construction debris can be picked up with the residential garbage collection. Resident should call Advanced Disposal before the collection day to inform them of the bulky item placed at the end of driveway for pickup and to get any additional information necessary for collection and disposal of the item.

  • Carpeting, including padding (4 foot long by 6 inch diameter rolls) can be included with your trash at no additional cost "each week". (4 rolls maximum per week)
  • Construction debris, up to 5 securely tied bundles of lumber "per week" (less than 18 inches in diameter, less than four feet long, free of nails) can be included with trash at no additional cost.
  • All items must weigh less than 50 pounds.

For amounts exceeding the above requirements, call Waste Management, Brookfield's contracted residential waste hauler at (262) 369-3080 for pricing, size requirements, payment instructions, and a dumpster, if necessary.