Hydrant Flushing


Hydrant flushing is performed two times per year, in April and October. The flushing of hydrants is done to clean out the mains and remove any sediment that may cause discolored water in your homes. However, homeowners may experience some discoloration of water the week of your scheduled flushing date. Please see hydrant flushing map to determine your scheduled flushing date.

Please note: Dates are subject to change due to system supply.

Adopt a Hydrant
During the winter months, it is imperative to keep snow away from the water hydrants in front of your homes. In the event a fire would break out in your home and the firefighters had to dig out the hydrants in your neighborhood, the extra time to uncover these hydrants could possibly cost lives. We ask that you help by making sure the hydrants are easily accessible and uncovered.

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