CDA Questions

What is the Purpose of the Community Development Authority (CDA)? 
Governed by Wisconsin Statues, the CDA is authorized to prepare redevelopment plans and urban renewal plans along with implementing redevelopment plans and urban renewal projects within the corporate limits of the City of Brookfield, as directed by the elected officials and the Common Council.

Who Will Control the Activities of the CDA?
By City ordinance, the Common Council established the CDA. The CDA must obtain approval from both the Plan Commission and Common Council regarding all elements contained within redevelopment plans prior to the initiation of any redevelopment activities, other than preparing studies and strategies for future Council consideration. Therefore, the Common Council will maintain direct control over the general activities of the CDA.

Who are the CDA members?  
In compliance with Wisconsin State Statutes, the CDA is comprised of seven qualified Brookfield residents. These members are appointed by the Mayor, and confirmed by the Common Council. Two members shall be members of the Common Council (Mayor or Aldermen) and the remaining five members shall have some expertise in the fields of urban renewal, community development, real estate, or housing.

Where Will The CDA Focus Its Efforts?
The mission of the CDA is to provide oversight to the Common Council and other economic development and redevelopment organizations on redevelopment issues within the City of Brookfield. As part of this mission, the CDA works within five of the ten key commercial and industrial neighborhoods in the community called "Targeted Investment Areas"(TIAs) as identified in the City's 2035 Comprehensive Plan, wherein the City will promote the strategic concentration of commercial and industrial development, multiple family residential developments of a denser form, and redevelopment of properties. Reinvestment will generate vitality and value within the TIAs, nearby neighborhoods, and the City as a whole—particularly as current buildings age and market demands shift.

The CDA has identified the following five areas as redevelopment focused areas or TIAs:
  • The Bluemound Road Corridor and, more specifically, the Brookfield Square Shopping Center and Executive Drive Redevelopment Area, as outlined in the 2001 Calhoun Road South Neighborhood Plan. 
  • The Village Area along Brookfield Road. 
  • The Northwest Gateway Node, north of Capitol Drive and east of Springdale Road. 
  • The 124th Street Development Corridor Area from Burleigh Road to north of Lisbon Road.
  • The 124th Street and Bluemound Road Redevelopment Area
The CDA takes an active role in influencing the redevelopment of key commercial, office, industrial, and residential properties in the identified areas. The CDA facilitates linkages between the City and the development community and identifies potential resources such as redevelopment plans and information, property information, financial assistance and incentives, public infrastructure improvements, and other development and redevelopment issues. Use of financial resources such as assistance or incentives must be authorized by the Common Council as the CDA is currently composed.