CDA Projects and Reports

History of Public-Private Partnership in Brookfield since 1960

Tax Incremental District Number Six (TID #6) 

On March 1, 2016, the City of Brookfield created Tax Increment District Number Six (TID #6) to assist in the construction of a major office building expansion of Milwaukee Tool Corporation, located at 13135 W. Lisbon Road. The 206,000 square foot office building would facilitate adding 300-500 professional level jobs at one of Brookfield’s largest employers.

Tax Incremental District Number Five (TID #5)
 On April 7, 2015, the City of Brookfield created Tax Increment District Number Five (TID #5) to assist in the construction of public infrastructure, streetscape elements and historic preservation at The Corridor project. The Corridor is a 65 acre mixed use development of the former Ruby Farms and Journal Communications lands located north of Interstate 94, south of Bluemound Road and west of Calhoun Road.

Project Plan

Tax Increment District Number Four (TID #4)

On December 2, 2014, The City of Brookfield created of Tax Increment District Number 4 – Northwest Gateway Node, to assist in the development of an industrial park along Gumina Road in the City. A copy of theTID #4 Project Plan can be found in the following links:

Tax Increment District Number Three (TID#3)

The City of Brookfield adopted the TID #3 project plan and established the district in August 2004. The TID#3 Project Plan identifies public improvement projects in support of the private investment and development to re-create a sustainable business environment through redevelopment. Reports on the status of activity within TID#3 and a copy of the TID#3 Project Plan can be obtained in the following links:

Brookfield Square Area Redevelopment Strategy
In October, 2002, the CDA completed a detailed study of the Brookfield Square Shopping Center and the Executive Drive Office Park Area.

Brookfield Square Area Redevelopment Strategy

Copies of reports or other documents are available from the City Clerk's Office or by contacting (262) 796-6695. If you have any questions regarding the CDA, please send questions to Development.