Mission, Vision & Values

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 City of Brookfield Vision Statement
The vision statement, as stated in the City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan (Adopted December, 2009), is a beacon for community growth and change over the next 25 years. Simply stated, Brookfield’s 2035 Vision is:

Located in the heart of Southeastern Wisconsin, the City of Brookfield is a community of choice for families and businesses and a premier sustainable place to live, work, shop, and play.

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The Vision is elaborated through nine guiding principles, which form the basis for the organization of the Plan and a tool for evaluation of community performance against the Plan.

 Housing and Neighborhoods
Brookfield is a housing location of choice and preserves the character, vitality, and safety of its neighborhoods.

 Jobs and Shopping  
Brookfield is a premier commercial and job center that supplies valuable products and services; embraces “new economy” solutions; cultivates family-supporting careers; and offers the ideal home base for experiencing the Milwaukee area.

Natural Resources and Recreation
Brookfield enjoys vibrant parks, trails, and restorative natural landscapes; is a careful steward of water and other resources; and is a center for culture, recreation, hospitality, and entertainment.

Brookfield is known for outstanding schools and lifetime learning to advance personal success, meet modern workforce demands, and support entrepreneurship.

Brookfield is a sustainable community in all aspects – from the environment to the economy – and leads in responsible community growth and redevelopment.

 Special Places
Brookfield celebrates its vibrant civic district; memorable gathering places such as the Wilson Center; and its unique heritage and places such as the Ruby Farms homestead.

Brookfield supports several transportation options for connections within and outside of the City.

 Community Value
Brookfield enjoys exceptional services of reasonable costs, a competitive cost of living, and an attractive business environment.

Brookfield embraces collaboration with education providers and neighboring and overlapping communities.

 City of Brookfield Mission Statement
The mission of the City of Brookfield is to work cooperatively with public and private entities, providing leadership in the pursuit of the development and maintenance of high quality neighborhoods complemented by a strong commercial sector and superior schools. The City is committed to preserving its parklands, environmentally sensitive lands and green spaces, and integrating these assets into a system for community-wide benefit. The City needs to provide municipal services in a cost-effective manner. The City must plan and provide for ongoing development and maintenance of the public infrastructure and facilities and provide a safe environment to assure the future attractiveness of the community.