Cancel or Edit Holds

Follow these steps to view, suspend, cancel, or reactivate your holds:

  1. Click Holds on the My Account submenu and log in. A list of your current requests displays. 
  2.  Click in the box by the title of each request that you want to suspend or reactivate
  3.  Click Suspend/Reactivate Selected or click Suspend/Reactivate All to suspend or reactivate all your requests. 
  4.  The Suspend/Reactivate Hold Requests dialog box appears. 
  5.  Type the date when suspended requests should be reactivated or type today’s date to reactivate an inactive request. 
  6.  Click Submit
  7.  To Cancel one or more requests, do one of the following: 

  Click the box by the title for each request that you want to cancel, and click Cancel Selected.
Click Cancel All to cancel all your requests.

  What does my hold status mean?
- Your hold has been placed in the queue. The hold has not yet been filled.

  Pending - An item is available at a CAFE library, but has not yet been sent to the pickup library.

 Shipped - The item has been sent from another library, but has not yet arrived at the pickup library.

 Held - The item you requested is now available for you to pick up.

 Inactive - Your hold has an activation date in the future.

  Not-Supplied - There are no items available to fill your hold.

 Unclaimed - Your hold was not picked up and has expired. It will be cancelled. 

 Cancelled - Your hold has been cancelled. See a librarian if you wish to reactivate this hold.

  Need Assistance? Contact the Circulation Desk staff at the Library (262) 782-4140 Opt. 3