2035 Comprehensive Plan

City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan
Comp Plan logoOn December 1, 2009, the Brookfield Common Council unanimously adopted the City of Brookfield 2035 Comprehensive Plan. The Plan received a full update ten years later with the creation and adoption of the 2050 Comprehensive PlanMany of the goals, objectives, and policies in each chapter in the 2035 Plan were further carried over in the 2050 Plan. This digital archive of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan is made available for residents and property owners to understand how Brookfield and its rich history of planning have developed over time.

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Table of Contents and Introduction
Chapter 1 - Vision
Figure 3 - Regional Influences
Figure 4 - Brookfield Area Influences
Figure 5: Vision Statement
Figure 6: Brookfield’s Future Growth and Preservation Concept
Chapter 2 - Land Use
Map 1: Future Land Use Map
Figure 7: Future Land Use Categories and Policies Matrix
Chapter 3 - Housing and Neighborhoods
Figure 8: A Community of Choice for Families
Chapter 4 - Jobs and Shopping
Chapter 5 - Natural Resources and Recreation
Map 2: Future Park, Recreational, and Open Space Lands
Chapter 6 - Education
Chapter 7 - Sustainability
Figure 9: Sustainability in Brookfield
Chapter 8 - Special Places
Figure 10: 124th Street Corridor Context and Preliminary Opportunities
Figure 11: A Summary of Targeted Investment Areas
Chapter 9 - Transportation
Map 3: Future Transportation Facilities
Chapter 10 - Community Value
Chapter 11 - Regionalism
Chapter 12 - Implementation
Figure 13: The Components of Brookfield’s Comprehensive Plan
Final Report Demand for Housing Uses in Brookfield - Dec 2, 2015


Comprehensive Plan Presentation

2009-12-01 Public Hearing PowerPoint presentation
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