South Gateway Neighborhood Plan

The project study area is one of ten Targeted Investment Area as identified in the Brookfield Year 2020 Master Plan that was identified as an area that will likely incur relatively high development pressure while simultaneously requiring special attention to the residential areas to the east. The general project area is bound by City limits to the south, Carpenter Drive and Pinehurst Drive to the north, Post Road to the west and wetland open space to the east, as illustrated below:

Neighborhood Plan Image

The South Gateway node is located at the southern entrance to the City and should be developed as a primary gateway to the City.

The "Future Study Area" notation and cross hatching over the Carpenter Road neighborhood means that this Neighborhood Plan will recommend further study to address possible impacts of a future redevelopment of the Moorland Road and I-94 interchange by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Currently, this parcel is designated as "proposed city ownership for outdoor recreation use" in the 2001 Park and Open Space Plan for the City of Brookfield. This land use plan has been amended to designate this parcel as medium density residential with up to 12 dwelling units per acre. Recreational land use will be incorporated into an overall development plan for this area at the time that development occurs.

The South Gateway Neighborhood Plan was adopted by the Common Council on August 18, 2009. Plan implementation by Community Development staff will then proceed.

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