Respect Our Waters

Did you know that the actions you take every day have a huge impact on the quality of our Lake Michigan, rivers and drinking water?

Take some tips from Sparkles the Water Spaniel. Remember – every time it rains, anything left on a sidewalk, lawn or street ends up in storm sewers, which flow directly into our rivers and Lake Michigan – the source of the water you drink every day. You can help keep our waters clean and healthy by:

  • Picking up pet waste - Watch Video
  • Leaving grass clippings on the lawn - Watch Video
  • Using fertilizer and chemicals sparingly and when needed - Watch Video
  • Inspecting your vehicle to make sure its not leaking oil or fluids - Watch Video

Want to go an extra mile to help keep our waters clean? Wash your car at a car wash or on the lawn instead of the driveway. Plant trees or a rain garden. Make sure that downspouts empty into rain barrels, the yard or garden, instead of on pavement.

Finally, make sure to ‘like’ the Respect Our Waters on Facebook to learn more and be notified about community events where you can receive free pet waste bags and sign up for your chance to win rain barrels!

Remember, Sparkles says, “Cleaner water is a matter of proper training!”

To learn more about keeping area rivers and Lake Michigan clean,

or to see a schedule of events in your community, visit:

Sweet Water

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network