Housing Information

Brookfield’s neighborhoods offer quiet residential character in low-density developments and a strong pride in home ownership. Spacious lots located throughout the community and conveniently located attached housing developments offer a variety of housing options, from single family homes to condominiums and apartments. Pride of ownership is evident through well-maintained homes and professional landscaping throughout the City. Brookfield’s desirability as a place of residence results in low vacancy rates for both owner occupied housing and for rental housing. Several senior housing developments, such as Brookfield Woods Senior Apartment Community, Care-Age of Brookfield, Heritage Place Rentals, and WillowBrook offer senior citizens other housing alternatives.

Single family detached homes dominate the City’s housing stock. Approximately 81.2% of the housing units in the City are single family homes, while condominiums and duplexes comprise 9.1%, and apartment units account for 9.7% of the total housing stock. A majority of the housing units in the City are above average in size, when measured by number of bedrooms. Most housing units in the City average more than 3 bedrooms. Most condominiums or rental units are two bedroom units with attached garages.
Homes in the City of Brookfield have significantly higher average values than many surrounding communities. Such strong home values reflect the continuing desirability of the Brookfield community.

Neighborhoods are usually defined by the local neighborhood elementary school in the case of single family homes, and nearby shopping areas in the case of condominiums or apartments.
Neighborhood Maps

Relocation Resources
Interested in moving to Brookfield or building a home in the City? Contact a local Realtor or real estate company regarding relocating to the Brookfield area! The City also provides a list of recently approved subdivisions and condominium developments.

Senior Housing
Various senior housing and assisted living opportunities exist in the City, offering opportunities for new residents and long-time residents to enjoy living in Brookfield.

Group Homes
  • A Loving Home - (262) 827-0666
  • Country Ranch Group Home - (262) 784-9545
  • Fairview Group Homes - (262) 781-1233
  • New Haven Group Home’s Inc., Benington Home - (262) 786-6000
  • New Perspective of Brookfield I & II - (262) 827-9017 and (262) 821-1821
Nursing Homes
  • Alterra Clare Bridge House - (262) 781-5220
  • Alterra Wynwood of Brookfield - (262) 789-7499
  • Congregational Home - (262) 781-0550
  • Country Meadows of Brookfield - (262) 697-2661
  • Edgewood Nursing Home - (262) 782-5600
  • Franciscan Woods - (262) 535-7000
  • Wisconsin Senior Care - (262) 786-1432
  • Woodland Health Care Center - (262) 782-0230
Retirement Communities
  • Brookfield Regency - (262) 780-0321
  • Brookfield Woods Senior Apartments - (262) 827-0303
  • Capitol Hill Senior Apartments - (262) 790-1845
  • CareAge of Brookfield - (262) 821-3939
  • Congregational Home - (262) 781-0550
  • Foxbrook Senior Community - (262) 790-0033
  • Heritage Place Rentals - (262) 796-2061
  • Willow Brook Court - (262) 780-1000