Solicitors/Transient Merchants

Current Licenses

  • TDS Telecommunications - License valid 12-21-23 to 1-24-24 (No Soliciting 12-24-23 to 12-26-23, 12-31-23 and 1-1-24, Christmas & New Year Holidays) - 3 approved individuals: Stephanie N Adamski, Michael C Politoski, Corey D Vande Zande
  • Weed Man Lawn Care - License valid 1-3-24 to 2-2-24 - 13 approved individuals: Mohammed S Ali, Beau T Boinski, Daniel P Daigler, Samuel J Flor, Hayden A Frym, Kurt R Gilane, Simon Hill, Taylor T Keul, Sebastian E Maestre Miranda, James H McCoy, Nick T Nestor, Mike T Ross, Matthew J Stokman (Vehicle used in city - Dodge Caravan #ADK-8992)

More Information

Exempt Groups

Solicitor Rules

NOTE: Any solicitors without a license or not following the rules, call the Police Department at 262-787-3700 to dispatch an officer while the solicitors are still in your neighborhood.