Educational Programming

National Fire Prevention Week

Prevention is the best way to stay fire safe! Fire Prevention Week is the week in which October 8 falls. October 8 is the anniversary of the Great Chicago Fire. Did you also know there was another great fire in Peshtigo, Wisconsin on the very same day and year?

Fire Prevention Week turns into Fire Prevention Month here at the City of Brookfield Fire Department. Our crew leads tours of our fire house and apparatus bay for children of all ages to learn about fire safety. We also travel to schools to share these important messages. Appointments required.

Fire Department Tours

Tours of our fire house are given in conjunction with Fire Prevention Week but we also give tours throughout the year to groups such as Scouts. Appointments required.

Fire Drills

Our crew will play a role in school fire drills upon request. We can help time your drill, look for skills that need to be retaught, and learn more about your building. As a reminder, each year, the completed Record of Evacuation Drill form needs to be sent to the Fire Department.

Fire Safety Talks

We give fire Safety Talks as part of National Fire Prevention Week, as part of our Survive Alive curriculum, to senior citizens, and to businesses in the City of Brookfield. Some examples of what is taught:

  • Get Low and Go!
  • Practicing an Exit Drill in the Home
  • Fire is Smoke and Gas
  • Identifying Hazards in order to keep your home safe
  • Fire Evacuation Plans for Businesses

We can also work with you to customize a Safety Talk for your school or business. Give us a call!

Survive Alive

In the basement of Station One of the City of Brookfield Fire Department, there is a Survive Alive House that was dedicated in May 1996. Since that time, thousands of children have practiced fire safety drills and learned critical thinking skills both in their classroom and on-site.

Many donors helped build our homes, fueled by the Brookfield Junior Woman’s Club. We have a two-room house where children practice a bedroom exit drill and look for important safety hazards in the kitchen. An adjacent house is home to the classroom where children continue learning what was presented during the Safety Talks in their classrooms a few weeks before the field trip to the House.

Currently, the Survive Alive House curriculum is used for 3rd and 5th grade public and parochial school students in Brookfield and Elm Grove.