Our Pledge to You

Our Mission

We provide high quality, safe, and effective emergency problem-solving services in a cost-effective manner.

Our Promise

As residents of our community, our “customers” are the taxpayers who have a stake in the services we provide. Our customers’ expectations of the services we provide are quite simple:

  • Respond to my problem quickly.
  • Bring enough people to solve my problem.
  • Bring enough equipment to solve my problem.
  • Prevent, solve, or teach me to solve my problem.
  • Be nice (It’s stressful to have a problem I cannot solve).

When a resident has an emergency there’s not time for them to research the qualifications of the provider or comparison-shop for price, so we have an obligation to provide exceptional services.

The City of Brookfield Fire Department is here to provide exceptional fire protection, emergency medical care, fire prevention, and public education services to our community. We are here to solve problems.

Our Vision

The City of Brookfield Fire Department will be a model for high quality, cost effective, EMS and fire and prevention services. We will provide the highest level of customer services with extensively trained, qualified personnel ensuring safety for all. The department will be a catalyst for fire service inter-governmental cooperation that improves service delivery.