Comprehensive Plan Update

Welcome to the City of Brookfield 2050 Comprehensive Plan

This is the place to learn about the development of the ten-year update of the City of Brookfield’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the short-range and long-range growth, redevelopment, and preservation of the city and will be used by city officials as a policy guide to help make decisions regarding the growth and development of Brookfield. The 2050 Comprehensive Plan is an update of the city’s existing 2035 Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted in 2009.

Project Schedule

Project schedule subject to change. Visit this page for updates.

Project Schedule

Past Meetings and Meeting Materials

Plan Commission Kickoff Meeting Presentation – February 11, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – April 8, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – June 3, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – July 8, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – August 14, 2019 ; (No Presentation)

Plan Commission Meeting – September 9, 2019 ; (No Presentation)

• Public Open House – September 12, 2019 ; Public Meeting Flyer, Meeting Materials, Comment Form

Plan Commission Meeting – November 11, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – December 9, 2019 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Plan Commission Meeting – January 13, 2019 ; (No Presentation)

• Public Hearing at Common Council Meeting – March 3, 2020 ; Vandewalle Presentation

Next Meetings

Meetings are open to the public. Meeting dates subject to change.

• March 17, 2020 Common Council Meeting – Comprehensive Plan Adoption by Common Council

Public Hearing Draft of the City of Brookfield 2050 Comprehensive Plan

• Public Hearing Draft - Plan Document

• Public Hearing Draft - Appendix A

• Public Hearing Draft - Appendix B

• Public Hearing Draft - Appendix C

Public Hearing Meeting Video

How to Get Involved

A public open house meeting was held on September 12, 2019 for the community to engage with City staff and the consultants working to update the comprehensive plan. Attendees were encouraged to share their thoughts and discuss the topics of the plan at the meeting. Printed materials were supplied with instructions for providing further feedback on the plan.

For those who could not attend the public meeting but wished to participate, the printed materials of the meeting were available at the Community Development counter at City Hall through the end of 2019. Community Development staff was made available to summarize and discuss the topics of the plan with those interested in submitting feedback before the plan was finalized for public hearing and adoption.

City officials also conducted a web-based survey with invitations sent to a random sample of households throughout the community. Not all residents received a survey invitation, and only one adult age 18 or over was allowed to complete the survey online for the household. Those households that received an invitation to participate in the survey had a vital opportunity to provide feedback on the topics, strategies, and priorities of the comprehensive plan. Survey participants will remain confidential. The City hired the University of Wisconsin Survey Center to administer the survey to ensure the privacy of survey respondents.

You can still provide input by sending an email to the Community Development Department ( or by calling directly at (262) 796-6695.

Want to Learn More?

• Review Brookfield's current comprehensive plan - 2035 Comprehensive Plan (adopted in 2009)

• Learn more about community planning in Brookfield from the resources available online through the Community Development Department.