Doing Business In Brookfield

The decision to open or locate your business in Brookfield requires considerable attention to specific details depending on the type of business and the requirements that will lead to continued success. Here you will find information on some of those important decision making factors such as: available properties, access, workforce, support services, zoning and more...

City of Brookfield Economic Profile 

Elmbrook School District Workforce Readiness Dashboard

Development Review Timeline

Available Properties

One of the most important decisions you will make for your business is where the business will be located. On the attached link, you will find all of the available properties located within the City of Brookfield. You can refine the property search to locate the perfect location for your business by: business classification, sq. ft. available, sale or lease or any combination that suits your businesses needs. Clink the link below to begin your search!


There are 3 major arterial roads within Brookfield’s City limits. Capitol Drive has an average traffic count of 37,000/day, North Avenue has an average traffic count of 15,000/day, while Bluemound Road average traffic count is 35,000/day. All 3 have the capability to deliver high amounts of commuter traffic to work, shopping or dining in the City. The I-41/45 or I-94 freeway systems are within 7 miles of all 3 major arterial roads in the City.

City of Brookfield Business Support Services

Brookfield Development Loan Fund (BDLF) - The Brookfield Development Loan Fund is available for those businesses or proposed businesses who can raise a major portion of the debt and equity necessary to establish a new business or expand an existing business but a gap exists.

BDLF Information Sheet
BDLF Policies and Procedures

Village Business Loan Pool - The Brookfield Village Loan Pool was established to help revitalization efforts, increase capital investments and support new and existing businesses in the "Village Area" of the City.

Village Business Loan Pool Brochure

Facade Improvement Grants - The City of Brookfield currently offers Facade Improvement Grants in two specific areas of the City (Village Area, Northeast Industrial Area). Facade improvement grants can be used by any property owner in either of the mentioned areas of the City for improvements of a property’s facade outside of normal improvements. This a 2:1 match with a maximum grant of up to $5,000 on a first come first serve yearly basis.

Village Area Facade Improvement Grant

Northeast Industrial Area Facade Improvement Grant

Waukesha County Business Support Services

Waukesha County Revolving Loan Fund - The Waukesha County Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) allows Waukesha County companies to take advantage of low-interest loans to assist in financing their business projects. Using this nearly $1 million fund, businesses are able to receive financing of 33% of the total project cost or up to $200,000.

Waukesha County Revolving Loan Fund 

Waukesha County GROW Fund - The Generating Resources and Opportunity in Waukesha County (GROW) Fund is a $2 million economic development fund that supports business expansion and innovative workforce housing solutions in Waukesha County. 

Grow Fund Information Sheet