Reference Solutions

Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA) is the number 1 source of information on businesses and people for small business owners, marketing professionals, researchers and job seekers. Reference Solutions helps users create marketing plans, conduct competitive analysis, raise funds and locate people.

Accessible in the Library and from home.  Access the site by entering:  1900 and your library barcode number no spaces.
Example:  1900CAFE#########

Reference Solutions Database

*** Please note:  If unable to access Reference Solutions remotely using Google Chrome, please try using a different internet browser.  The most recent version of Chrome has been known to cause access issues.

For patrons having access issues in Chrome, go to Chrome settings to the cookies section found under “Privacy and security”. Setting the cookies to “Allow all cookies” should help to use Reference Solutions.  Our cookies do not capture any personal information on the patron user except of the browser type and IP address.  Patrons can toggle out of this cookie setting by going back to the default of “Block third-party cookies” once completing their usage of Reference Solutions if they choose.