Reopening Brookfield

As we move into the reopening of businesses following the COVID-19 pandemic, The City would like to share information that is available to help its businesses with the process. Here you will find links to State of Wisconsin Guidelines, best practices, and ideas for reopening your business. 

State of Wisconsin Resources and Guidelines

Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) has created a webpage for guidelines to specific industries to use during the reopening phase of the Badger Bounce Back Plan. Below are links to the plan and the WEDC webpage with reopening guidelines:

Badger Bounce Back Plan - Starting May 12, 2020, Governor Evers signed Executive Order #36 (Interim Order to Turn the Dial) allowing standalone or strip mall-based retail stores with an entrance or entrances to the outside the ability to offer in-person shopping for up to five customers at a time. The Executive Order also requires businesses to integrate and adopt the applicable guidelines (link below) for the operations that are currently permitted under the previous Safer at Home Order.

WEDC Reopen Guidelines

Waukesha County Guidelines

Press Release from County Executive Paul Farrow on reopening guidelines and mass gatherings for Waukesha County.

City of Brookfield Press Release 5/14/2020

Press Release from Mayor Ponto on reopening business in the City of Brookfield.

Best Practices

  • When opening up the business for customers, take the necessary steps to create a safe and comfortable environment for the employees, this will also create a safe and comfortable environment for the customers. Increasing awareness to your employees and customers about the steps taken to ensure a safe shopping experience will help create or sustain a customer base.
    • Create a cleaning and sanitizing workplan with employees
    • Encourage the use of Personal Protective equipment in the space by employees and customers
    • Offer sanitizing stations for employees and customers in the space
  • Continue to promote social distancing within the business space. This can be enhanced through a floorplan redesign or something simple like temporary markings on the floor. Since each space is designed differently, it will be up to the business to create a layout that makes the most sense.
  • Offer and promote paperless transactions if available.
  • Create a workplan with employees that limits access to in-person customers based on the current restrictions in place.
  • Consider your online presence: Are there services the business can offer online that aren’t currently offered? These services can be hosted either within the business website or through various Apps:
    • shopping or dining by appointment
    • pick-up/takeout
    • virtual shopping and/or delivery
    • Promotion of services, special offerings, etc...
    • Business to business opportunities (marketing)
    • Continue to look for opportunities’ that increase the market presence in a virtual space
    • Consider using mailing/email lists to promote a soft reopening
  • Monitor hours of operation to ensure practical use of employees and the space. Involve employees in the planning and implementation of reopening and recovery strategies.