Logging in the Library Catalog

To use some features, you identify yourself by logging in. You log in by typing in your library barcode number and your password. Your password is what your PIN was in the old catalog. If you recently applied for a library card, your password is the last four digits of your phone number. You log in only once, and you remained logged in until you log out or until there has been 3 minutes of inactivity on the screen. Follow these steps to log in for your entire session: 1. Click Log In in the My Account menu. The log-in form is displayed. 2. Type your barcode number (from your library card) in the Barcode Number box. 3. Type your account password in the Password box. 4. Click Log In. Your name and the Log Out link are displayed on the left side of the page when you are logged in. 5. Log out by doing one of the following: • Click the Log Out link at the bottom of the account page, if you are viewing information in your library account • Click Log Out in the My Account menu • Click Log Out on the left hand side of the screen Important: Logging out protects your privacy. If you are using the online catalog in the library, be sure to log out.

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1. Logging in the Library Catalog
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