How do I become a City of Brookfield Police Officer?
The City recruits for the position of Police Officer when it anticipates the need to fill vacancies. The initial step in the process for applicants is to apply for the position during our recruitment timeframe, which is posted on this website, at the Current Job Opportunities link, whenever it occurs.
The current minimum qualifications for the position are age 18 at time of application. U.S. citizenship as required by Wisconsin law. Graduation from High School or equivalent preparation. A valid Wisconsin driver’s license. An Associate’s Degree from a Wisconsin technical college system district or its accredited equivalent from another state, or a minimum of 60 college credits from an accredited college or university. Physical readiness standards pursuant to the Wisconsin Department of Justice Training and Standards Bureau

The selection procedure typically consists of a written examination. After this process has been completed, pursuant to City of Brookfield Police and Fire Commission Rules, successful candidates are placed on an eligibility list in rank order for hiring interview consideration. Finalists are subject to an extensive background check, post offer physical ability test, medical examination and drug screen.Current Job Opportunities

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