Why do we need municipal water, our well is fine?
A municipal water source is advantageous to the community for numerous reasons:
• Municipal water is safer than private sources. It is tested and treated by trained professionals multiple times each week, and tested again monthly and quarterly for dozens of contaminants to ensure the safety and quality of the water. Private wells are infrequently if ever tested by property owners.
• Municipal water is more reliable than private sources. The Utility operates wells and pump stations with backup power supplies in times of power failure. Private systems generally can not provide water during power outages.
• A municipal water system provides a plentiful supply of water for fire protection. This can affect insurance ratings and premiums. Private systems rely on Fire Trucks with tanks that need to fill up elsewhere.
• Municipal water increases the value of properties. Real estate agents indicate that properties with municipal water are more valuable and easier to sell than properties with private wells.
• Municipal water service provides for essentially worry free service since Water Utility employees operate and maintain the water system. Private water service requires property owners to test their wells and maintain pumps, pipes and well.
• Municipal water service protects the precious water source better than private wells. The City maintains ordinances protecting the areas surrounding the City’s 22 municipal wells from certain land uses that might contaminate the wells. Private wells do not enjoy these protections and are so numerous (in the thousands) that it drastically increases the potential for contamination of the groundwater system.

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