Are there any restrictions on lawn or garden watering?
Water sprinkling activities such as sprinkling water on lawns, gardens, shrubs, trees, and other vegetation, washing vehicles or structures and filling swimming pools are restricted to certain days. Water sprinkling is restricted to before 9 AM and after 6 PM by properties with even numbered addresses on even numbered days of the year and by properties with odd numbered addresses on odd numbered days of the year.

These water sprinkling regulations apply to all properties in the City, whether on private wells or the municipal system.

Exceptions: The Utility will allow exceptions to the policy if the property owner contacts the Utility to describe the condition for which an exception is sought and if the request fits into the following categories:
• watering of newly established lawns, shrubs, or trees,
• irrigation of crops,
• commercial car washes that recycle their water,
• golf courses that draw water from on-site retention ponds.

Additional restrictions may be placed on water sprinkling based on the need to conserve water resulting from dry conditions, mechanical failure of the wells/pumps or other emergency.

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