Can I dispose of items that don't fit into my trash can?

A:  The Contractor will collect Bulky Items curbside weekly on the resident’s regularly scheduled collection day for no additional cost. Resident should call Advanced Disposal before the collection day to inform them of the bulky item placed at the end of driveway for pick-up and to get any additional information necessary for collection and disposal of the item. Bulky Items includes the following items generated at residential premises with no one item exceeding 50 pounds in weight: •furniture, including metal desks, mattresses and storage cabinets, •tied rolls of carpeting meeting the following requirements (four roll maximum per week): - not larger than 6 inches in diameter - no longer than 4 feet in length •sinks, concrete laundry tubs, and cast iron plumbing fixtures, •windows and doors, •large toys, •bicycles, •dismantled swing sets, •up to 5 securely tied bundles of lumber per Customer each month, meeting the following requirements: - not larger than 18 inches in diameter - no longer than 4 feet in length - free of nails or with nails bent over - from construction projects, including garages and sheds. •lawn mowers and snow throwers with no gas or oil in them, •any item (other than lumber) that can be cut or broken down meeting the following requirements: not longer than 6 feet in length and weighing less than 50 pounds. Bulky Items does not include any item weighing in excess of 50 pounds or any of the following: •material generated at non-residential premises, including commercial business operations, •yard waste and branches, •sod, soil and stone, •broken concrete and asphalt, •brick, block, and stone, •railroad ties or similar type of retaining wall timbers, •remodeling debris, including shingles, •animal waste, •liquids, including paint, •hazardous waste, •fuel oil tanks, •any automotive parts including vehicle batteries and tires

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