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Customer Service Survey - WATER UTILITY

  1. The Mission of the City of Brookfield Water Utility is to provide a safe and dependable water supply that surpasses State and Federal standards through cost effective means. The Utility supports community safety by protecting its groundwater source and delivering an adequate supply of water for fire protection. The Utility pledges to be responsive to the needs of utility customers by providing services that satisfy the high standards established by the community and in conformance with Public Service Commission regulations.

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  5. Was the utility representative courteous?

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  9. Were your questions answered?

  10. What did you think of the Water Utility‘s handling of your concern?

  11. How would you rate your experience with the Water Utility?

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  13. If you have questions, please call us at (262) 796-6717 - (Water Utility)
    Between the hours of 7:00 am and 3:30 pm Monday through Friday.

    Thank You for your comments.

  14. If you received a survey, please mail survey or fax survey to (262) 782-4872.
    You can also complete survey online at
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