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2023 Care Facility Worker (not SVD) Election Training Sign Up

  1. Care Facility Worker Election Training Sign Up Form

    This training is for Care Facility Workers in the City of Brookfield. The next election cycle begins January 2024.

    There are 4 elections in 2024 and 2 elections in 2025. If you would like a full calendar of elections until 2030, one can be provided at training. 

  2. Training Session*

    Anyone from your facility can come. Training is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Located in the Common Council Chambers at City Hall. 2000 N Calhoun Rd. Come in the doors by the clock tower.

  3. If for some reason you sign up and are unable to make the training, please email the clerk's office or call 262-782-9650.
  4. Agenda
    • Where do we visit?
    • What are SVDs?
    • What is your role as facility staff?
    • Registration
    • Room Visits
    • Family Members
    • Observers
    • Challenges
    • Voters with a disability 
    • Power of attorney vs. guardianship
    • Adjudicated incompetent
    • Electors who wish to decline
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