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2023 Election Specific Poll Worker Availability

  1. Election Specific Poll Worker Availability

    Currently asking for assistance with the April 4th 2023 Election.

  2. A reminder will be sent to this email before the election.

  3. Shift Preference*

    Assignments will be planned prior to Election Day but may be changed on Election Day as the need arises. 

  4. Your first location preference*

    Make your top ONE choice in this column. 

  5. Your second location preference

    Mark as many as you want in this column. 

  6. On Call

    If you cannot quite commit to the election, you can be added to the on-call list. If someone does not show or calls in sick, we would call you and ask you to come in. The on-call list is always used. 

  7. Notes
    • Dress in layers.
    • Bring a lunch/dinner/both.
    • Bring a seat cushion.
    • Party affiliation is based on the lists sent from the political parties. If you are not included on a letter, you will be listed as unaffiliated. 
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