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Audit or Recount Availability

  1. Audit or Recount Availability

    Currently asking for assistance with the November 8, 2022 Election audit and/or recount. The audit will take place at the City Hall in the Common Council Chambers. A statewide recount would occur at the Waukesha County Building. 

    Random municipalities will be chosen for an audit on November 9th. If we are chosen for an audit, - we would be looking for people to help out the week of November 14th. 

    If a Statewide recount occurs - the county would be looking at the weeks of November 21st and November 28th. A list of names would be provided to the County Clerk for those interested. 

  2. Shift Preference for the AUDIT*

    For a recount, the county will ask you separately. 

  3. Statewide Recount (if there is one)

    Only check this box if you are interested. If this box is not checked, I will assume you are not interested. 

  4. Notes
    • This is a paid position
    • Dress in layers
    • Bring a lunch
    • Bring a seat cushion
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