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Poll Worker Interest Form

  1. Poll Worker Interest Form

    Come help the City of Brookfield with Elections! You must live in Waukesha County to be a poll worker. Full and 1/2 days are available. 6:30am to 9:30pm-ish OR 6:30am to 2:00pm OR 1:45pm to 9:30pm-ish. This form puts you on the list to receive information on poll worker needs. The primary communication method is email. 

    Individual sign up requests are sent approximately 6 weeks prior to each election. Chief Inspectors will be given the list of available workers and will assign positions based on need. 

    Election training is provided in-person (or online for those not available for training) prior to every election. 

  2. Affiliation*

    If you are active in a political party, you can be nominated by your county party to serve as an election official. Party nominations must be submitted to the mayor, village president or town board chairperson no later than November 30 of each odd-numbered year. 

    About half of our poll workers are unaffiliated. 

  3. WI

  4. Poll Worker Qualifications
    • Be a U.S. citizen
    • Be 18 years old (except high school student poll workers)
    • Be able to read and write fluently in the English language
    • NOT be a candidate for any office to be voted on at the polling place at that election
    • Be a qualified elector of the county where the polling place is located. Please note Chief Inspectors must be a qualified elector of the municipality where the polling place is located (except for Polling Place Helpers).
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